Tern Capital

Being hands on drives results.

We believe superior returns are generated by actively helping management drive growth and operational improvements.

Our portfolio companies have customers in 73 countries.


Our portfolio companies' technology touches 75m+ end customers.


We value heritage. 3 out of 4 companies in our portfolio have been around for at least 27 years.




Alignment & Speed

We invest our own money alongside committed institutional capital and we make investment decisions rapidly where immediate capital is required. We can complete a transaction in under 2 weeks if necessary.

Active Engagement

We don’t just take a board seat. We take an active operating role and work with existing management to rapidly refresh an existing strategy to achieve full potential and provide the horsepower to accelerate execution.

Operating Edge

We are experienced operators, not bankers. We think we can add more value by focusing on companies where we understand the key growth levers and have access to talent and contacts to expand market reach rapidly.



What we look for

We seek to invest in complex and non-complex situations in businesses with turnover below £40M primarily in technology or telecom sectors. We will also selectively invest in other sectors if technology is an enabler of growth.


Pure-play technology businesses or opportunities where technology creates new opportunities in traditionally “non-digitised” sectors.  


Outright acquisition including MBOs or controlling stake at the outset with the ability for equity position to ratchet down to minority stake over time.

Track Record

Business must be revenue generating and ideally trading for at least five years. In selected cases, we will buy the intellectual property to bolt on to an existing portfolio company.


We are always on the look-out for talent or our next investment opportunity

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