Telsis is a leading provider of high performance and innovative voice, data and messaging solutions to the world’s leading mobile network operators having sold over £250 million worth of products and services to 90 operators in 45 countries. Telsis is a pioneer in the telecoms industry and originally built and sold telephony switches to the major network operators globally. With the move to IP-based telephony, Telsis now focuses on delivering intelligent software platforms, anti-fraud solutions, hosted telephony and enterprise communication solutions to network operators to help them drive revenue growth.

Acquired in 2014.


We completed the acquisition in less than four weeks from meeting management. We focused on simplifying the group structure, replacing legacy systems, pivoting the product strategy towards security, protection & enterprise communications and scaling the business outside of Europe to parts of Africa and Latin America by introducing a robust lead generation/marketing programme and implementing a rigorous sales process.

4th March 2017